historical photo of children at Lucy BrockThe mission of the LBCDLP is to provide professional development opportunities for individuals who plan to work with young children.

As a university lab intended to provide the highest quality education and care for children, the center staff model evidence-based practices in the field of early childhood education and apply innovative approaches that eventually will contribute to new definitions of recommended practice.

This laboratory is used primarily by students and faculty in the professional area of child development. Lab use may consist of students observing children in the natural setting of the classroom or direct interaction with children in the classroom. Faculty and students from other academic programs (i.e. art education, music education, human development, special education, speech and language disorders) may also utilize the lab to experience learning opportunities with young children.

The primary goal of LBCDLP is to serve as a professional development site for individuals planning to work with young children. In addition, the foundation for providing high quality professional development experiences is provided through the accomplishment of the following goals:

  • To provide access to high quality care for young children and their families
  • To serve as a model program that reflects current recommended best practices, as well as a site for developing new and innovative practices

Lucy Brock model - professional development site for early childhood students, high quality experiences for children and families, and model program for developing new and innovative practices