Lab & Research Component

One of the goals of a laboratory school is to promote research which may contribute to the knowledge base of child development professionals. In addition, Lucy Brock Child Development Laboratory School (LBCDLS) serves as a professional preparation site for the department of Family and Consumer Sciences; however, other departments in the University may also use the facility. In addition to the ASU community, individuals from area child care centers, elementary and high schools, community colleges, and other community programs may visit the program. Students from the University participate at LBCDLS in a variety of ways.

The most basic form of participation is through observation in the observation booths located adjacent to each classroom. Students may observe both individual children and classroom practices. Students use these observations for reflection and in connection with material they are covering in their coursework.

Students may also spend brief periods of time in the classroom to have an introduction to interacting with young children. Children are never forced to participate with students and these experiences are planned so that students' presence is consistent and predictable.

More advanced students may spend extensive time in the classroom and may get to know both children and families intimately. Again, these experiences are scheduled to be consistent for the children.

Recent Publications

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