Thank you for your interest in employment at Lucy Brock Child Development Laboratory Program!  We are proud to be one of the largest departments that employs students each year and our program could not function without the support from the students and their passion in making a difference in childrens lives.  Please use the website to familiarize with Lucy Brock prior to appplying for a student staff position. 

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Enter the classroom seamlessly
  • Maintain a safe and healthy environment.
  • Prevent problems from occurring by being fully present—in mind as well as body—when scheduled
  • Follow through when assigned to supervise a particular area or activity.
  • Supervise the children – while engaging with one or several children, keep your ears open and look around for what you are doing to determine what else is going on in the classroom.  Leave current activity to deal with situations requiring direct guidance.
  • Spend more time conversing with children about interesting things they might be doing than correcting or telling children what to do
  • Learn the classroom “rules” so that consistency exists throughout the center
  • Tell children WHAT TO DO and WHY rather than what NOT to do (Examples: “Please walk inside. I’m afraid you’ll get hurt if you run and trip over someone’s toy.” “ Please keep the sand in the sandbox. If you spill it on the floor, someone will slip and fall and, besides, we won’t have lots of nice clean sand to play with.”)
  •  Ask for help from a lead teacher if you are struggling with a child
  • Seeking lead teachers assistance/guidance in handling any situation you are not fully comfortable handling including:
    • Situations involving blood (unless trained in blood borne pathogens)
    • Situations requiring First Aid or CPR (unless trained in these areas)

If you are interested in working at Lucy Brock, please email your schedule, resume, and include any prior experience in child care to Andrea Anderson.  An interview will be set up after reviewing your information and employment will be offered to students that will meet the needs of the program.  If you have any further questions please email Andrea Anderson or call (828)-262-3006.